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Childrens Oral Health

Essential to childhood development is good oral health. Children, like adults, should visit our practice every six to twelve months from the emergence of their first few teeth, around age 1. By bringing your child to see our team from an early age, they become much more comfortable and confidant when it comes to their dental appointments as they are familiar surroundings and as such eliminates the anxiety experienced by some people regarding dental visits, making for a stress free appointment.

As a child’s teeth and facial bone structure develops quickly, you may need to schedule interim visits every three to four months to monitor their jawbone and facial structure growth if following their examination there is an indication that alignment or tooth eruption may be compromised and future orthodontic treatment may be required.

What Will a Child’s First Appointment Involve?

We recommend parents bring their toddler for their first dental check-up from the age of two. This is when their first teeth are emerging, allowing us to monitor their oral health and progress from the very beginning.

Your child’s first appointment will consist of a quick examination of their teeth, gums, bite and jaw, taking between 15-30 minutes. This mostly serves as an introductory appointment to introduce your child to our friendly practice team and helpful facilities. You may even like to schedule their appointment at the same time as your own regular check-up, as your child will feel more at ease if they see you having your teeth examined too.

As your child develops more teeth, we will introduce them to a soft-bristled toothbrush and a gentle oral hygiene routine that you can assist them with daily.

Please note that it is also important for a regular oral hygiene routine to be implemented even before the emergence of your baby’s first tooth. Ensuring your baby has healthy gums is essential for the development of their baby and adult teeth. To clean their gums, gently wipe them with a soft moist cloth, as this will remove any milk residue that may remain after feeding.

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