5 steps to better dental health

Dental Health Care Associates encourage each and every patient to participate in our ‘5 Step’ program. It’s part of our ‘Preventative Approach’ to your overall dental health and hygiene.

Our 5 Steps program has been specifically developed by DHCA as an easy day-to-day method to assist our patients to maintain better overall oral health and hygiene.

The 5 Steps program is easy, inexpensive and if used daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, will contribute to better long-term oral health and hygiene.

The DHCA 5 Steps program is easy and it’s for everyone. There are 5 key steps in our program that will aid in keeping you and your oral health in great shape.

  1. Brush and clean between your teeth morning and night
  2. Visit your DHCA dentist every 6 months
  3. Organise a dental hygiene plan with your DHCA hygienist
  4. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables daily
  5. Use fluoridated toothpaste to help prevent cavities and floss, floss, floss….