Teeth Whitening at DHCA

For a Brighter, More Beautiful Smile

At Dental Health Care Associates, we offer the choice of both an in-chair whitening procedure or at-home whitening kits to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Our highly-experienced team only use the most trusted and reliable teeth whitening products, so you know you’re in safe hands. Because our procedures are both safe and extremely effective, patients can expect picture-perfect results in as little as one appointment!

Before we persue teeth whitening options with our patients, we first perform a check-up to ensure they’re suitable for treatment. This takes the form of an oral examination and radiographs, allowing us to gain a more comprehensive overview of the patient’s oral health. If any concerns such as gum disease, tooth decay or cavities are diagnosed, then our dental team will need to treat these issues before teeth whitening treatment begins.

ZOOM!® In-Chair Whitening

The ZOOM!® teeth whitening system has been a market-leading product for many years now, as it offers a tried-and-tested solution to achieving a beautifully bright and white smile in just one visit. Patients get to sit back and relax in in one of our comfortable treatment lounges and can expect the teeth whitening treatment to be completed in just over an hour.

During this time, the formulated whitening gel is applied to your teeth, and this is then exposed to a specially developed blue light for approximately 20 minutes before the gel is applied again. Depending on the colour of your teeth and the shade you wish to achieve, the whitening gel may be reapplied several times.

The ZOOM!® teeth whitening system is completely safe to use, however some patients may experience mild sensitivity to hot and cold. This symptom will often only last for several hours after the completion of treatment, and therefore, is not permanent.

At-home Whitening Kits

Some patients have a very hectic schedule which doesn’t allow them the time to undergo in-chair whitening. Alternatively, some also just prefer to experience the teeth whitening treatment in the comfort and convenience of their own home. This is why we also offer at-home whitening kits from one of the market-leaders in this field, Opalescence. This brand offers a range of varying strengths, with patients experiencing little to no sensitivity post-treatment. Those who do experience sensitivity, however, should discontinue application for several days. The use of desensitising toothpaste can also alleviate this issue.

The process of at-home whitening begins with your dentist taking impressions of your mouth during just one appointment. Using these impressions, a custom-made tray will be created to closely fit over your teeth, ensuring close contact with the whitening gel.

We will give you specific instructions on how to use the gel, including the amount to apply to your trays and how long they should be worn. Your desired shade may take between 10 – 12 days to achieve, although patients usually notice results within just a few days.

Discover More

For more information about our Zoom!® in-chair or at-home whitening treatments, please schedule an appointment with our team today. We’d love to help you achieve the whiter, brighter, and more beautiful smile that you’ve always dreamed of!