A special discipline of dental care once only prescribed for teenagers, teeth straightening treatment is now being prescribed for children as young as 7 following the emergence of their permanent adult teeth. The main benefit of applying this treatment to such young patients is as their facial bone structure is still developing and growing, their teeth and jawbone are easier to guide into their optimal position and with a shorter timeframe than in older patients. 

This is not only applied to create a perfectly straight smile, it also corrects alignment problems between the teeth, jawbone, head and neck, which could develop into other health complications later in life. 

Many adults too are opting for teeth straightening treatment to correct a range of dental health problems that extend back to childhood or may have developed after the loss of an adult tooth caused through decay or an accident. Teeth straightening treatment allows many adults to achieve the smile they have always desired.

During your initial consultation assessment, we will examine your teeth and general oral health and develop with you a treatment programme. Depending on your personal situation your treatment may be a brief as up to six months.

Call our receptionist to schedule an assessment appointment for you or your child and discover the life changing difference orthodontic treatment can make to your smile and life.