A crown is a highly successful and often utilised restoration designed to restore and protect a single tooth, providing protection and strength to the remaining natural tooth structure damaged or lost to an accident, trauma or extensive decay.

They can be made entirely from ceramic or ceramic over a metal base for teeth requiring additional support. The use of ceramic provides a natural appearance. Crowns can also be made from full metal or gold and placed towards the back of the mouth where they are less visible.

A bridge is a popular treatment procedure for the replacement of either a single tooth or several missing teeth. A bridge is secured by crowns attached to healthy natural teeth on either side of the space, preventing a variety of oral health complications such as the teeth next to the gap moving into the vacant space, opposing tooth misalignment and the development of speech problems. Missing teeth can also have a negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence.

To achieve the perfect result our dental team will conduct a thorough examination from which a personalised treatment programme is developed with you. Receiving a crown or bridge will often require two appointment visits, or more.

At your first appointment, your tooth or teeth receiving the crowns are carefully reshaped. This ensures they are the same size and shape as your natural surrounding teeth when the crowns and bridge is placed.

An impression mould of your teeth is taken, from which your replacement teeth are made. A temporary crown or bridge may be secured while your permanent one is being made at our preferred dental laboratory, fabrication of your replacement teeth will take between 2 - 3 weeks.

At your next appointment, any temporary teeth that were placed are removed and your new permanent teeth are secured with specially developed dental cement and polished to a natural looking finish.

We recommend you schedule appointments with our hygienists at the recommended interval set for cleaning and oral health checks to keep your new crown or bridge bright and your natural teeth healthy.

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