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Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy

Pregnant woman with hands on stomachWe all know that smoking, alcohol, and drug use has a harmful effect on an unborn baby, contributing to issues such as prematurity and low birth-weight. However, did you know pregnant women with moderate to severe periodontal disease (gum disease) may be up to seven times more likely to have a pre-term or low birth-weight baby?

Research suggests periodontal disease may be as detrimental as smoking and alcohol to the development and health of an unborn baby, as the toxins from periodontal disease can enter the bloodstream and be transmitted to the foetus.

Additionally, pregnant women suffering from diabetes may face an even greater risk of delivering prematurely, as they are more susceptible to severe periodontal disease than non-diabetic women. Research is continuing to confirm how periodontal disease may affect pregnancy.

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