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Children’s Dentistry at
Dental Health Care Associates

Caring for Little Smiles

Brother and sisterAt Dental Health Care Associates, we offer exceptionally-high standards of dental care to patients of all ages – including the elderly, adults, and children. Our warm and friendly team understand the gentle care and fun nature that is required when treating the littlest of patients, and as such, have developed an outstanding reputation within this field.

While prevention is important for every patient, it is particularly vital for developing mouths. We teach your child how to keep their mouth, teeth, and gums healthy, including showing them the right brushing techniques to implement every day.

Helping to Ease Dental Anxiety from a Young Age

Just like adults, children should also visit our practice for regular, bi-annual check-ups and cleans. Not only does this ensure that their oral health is in top condition, as well as allow us to closely monitor their mouth for any signs of concern, but it also allows your child to become familiar with visiting the dentist from infancy.

This helps to ease feelings of anxiety or stress from a young age, assisting your child to grow up without fearing dental visits. Any negative feelings are sure to disappear as soon as they enter our practice, as we go above and beyond to ensure your child’s visit to the dentist is a fun one.

Our gentle approach to dentistry, coupled with our team’s wonderful sense of humour, always leaves both children and adults with big smiles on their faces. There’s many great reasons why our youngest patients love visiting our practice, so be sure to experience the Dental Health Care Associates difference for yourself!

What Will a Child’s First Appointment Involve?

We recommend parents bring their toddler for their first dental check-up from the age of two. This is when their first teeth are emerging, allowing us to monitor their oral health and progress from the very beginning.

Little girl with pigtails laying in grassYour child’s first appointment will consist of a quick examination of their teeth, gums, bite and jaw, taking between 15-30 minutes. This mostly serves as an introductory appointment to introduce your child to our friendly practice team and helpful facilities. You may even like to schedule their appointment at the same time as your own regular check-up, as your child will feel more at ease if they see you having your teeth examined too.

As your child develops more teeth, we will introduce them to a soft-bristled toothbrush and a gentle oral hygiene routine that you can assist them with daily.

Please note that it is also important for a regular oral hygiene routine to be implemented even before the emergence of your baby’s first tooth. Ensuring your baby has healthy gums is essential for the development of their baby and adult teeth. To clean their gums, gently wipe them with a soft moist cloth, as this will remove any milk residue that may remain after feeding.

Schedule Your Visit

Help your child to have the best start to lifelong, optimal oral health by scheduling a visit with our warm and friendly team today!


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