Specialised Equipment

Cone Beam CT

Our state-of-the-art PAx Duo 3D x-ray machine takes regular OPG views for full mouth Panoramic overviews, but also Cone Beam 3D x-scans to allow us to look at structural issues inside a tempero-mandibular joint for instance, or when assessing a site in the mouth for implant treatment. Cone Beam tomography is also very useful when assessing wisdom teeth if they need to be removed.


One of the most advanced and utilised pieces of technological equipment in our practice is our CEREC machine. Inlays and onlays would normally be made in a dental laboratory, require moulds to be made, and take up to two weeks to complete. Using a CEREC machine enables our dentists to create and place your new replacement inlay or onlay in a single appointment, saving you time and expense.


At Dental Health Care Associates, your comfort during every aspect of your appointment is paramount. To ensure you are completely relaxed we provide Penthrox sedation. Penthrox has been successfully used in dental health care for many years and is a safe and immediate pain relief medication, which is inhaled, removing the anxiety some patients have towards injections.


Using the Diagnodent, our dentists can detect decay in your teeth at an early stage, when a preventive treatment can be carried out, to reduce the need for more extensive treatment at a later date. The Diagnodent uses a low level laser light which fluoresces when it comes into contact with changed tooth enamel, giving a reproducible reading, to record the condition of your teeth.


Micro-abrasion helps us achieve minimally invasive dentistry.


Microscopy helps with diagnosis and for the finer details of restorative dentistry and endodontics (root canal treatments).

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